‘I found all aspects of this course really good and useful, and supportive.’ 
L.D., Loving Kindness course

‘Finding myself going back to being more like the person I used to be before stresses of day to day life let ….negative emotions take over…Thank you.’  
C.T., Loving Kindness course

‘Really enjoyed the course. I found it to be a very special experience.’
M.O'R, Loving Kindness course

‘Above all the help I have used in coping with MS, I have found this course the most useful.’  
G.N., Living Well with MS

‘End of being overwhelmed by pain….strategy for dealing with pain when it comes back….mood lift….hope for the future.’
M.H., Living Well with Pain & Illness

‘I don’t react as quickly when put under stress. I see the picture in a bigger way. Things don’t get out of hand as frequently as they used to.’
D.B., A Breathing Space for Carers

‘I cannot believe the change in me….Initially I was totally skeptical, angry and frustrated…but now I feel more at peace with the world.’
H.H., Living Well with MS

'I liked the focus on the non-judgmental aspect of looking at myself as a parent, as it's something I struggle with.'
Louise, Mindful Parenting Workshop

'Very well done. Nice balance between input, meditation practice and exploration and group discussions. Nice, relaxed setting. Loved the personal experience, honesty and authenticity. Thank you!'
Verena Mahr-Byrne, Mindful Parenting Workshop

'I liked your tone and approach, which made the exercises very accessible, and getting usable skills and practical applications to my parenting. Thank you.'
Kevin, Mindful Parenting Workshop

'The workshop had a very natural flow to it, and I especially liked the simplicity of being aware of the moment and how effective it could be.'
S.A., Mindful Parenting Workshop

'There was a huge amount of energy and effort and genuine integrity in the entire weekend. Thank you.'
Mindfulness for Health Professionals weekend

'Presentations were very fluid and knowledgeable and delivered with great pace and humility and patience.'
Mindfulness for Health Professionals weekend

'A lovely, caring, relaxed atmosphere. Many thanks for an enriching experience.'
Mindfulness for Health Professionals weekend