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Mindfulness for Healthcare Professionals

If you are a healthcare professional and work with people who experiences chronic pain or long-term health conditions, or if you have personal experience with pain or ill-health, then this Breathworks 3 day event will introduce you to ways of living well with pain or ill-health.
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The course includes Breathworks key ideas, teaching and methodology for:

  • Primary and Secondary Suffering
  • Blocking and Drowning
  • Five Step Process
  • Breathworks practice of Mindfulness in Daily Life: a pacing method that helps people to avoid flare-ups of pain or other conditions.
  • The Breathworks Body Scan and Breathing Anchor practices: taught to particularly suit those living with pain and illness, based on Vidyamala's (the founder of Breathworks) experience of using mindfulness for her chronic pain.
  • Compassionate Acceptance, Open Heart and Connection meditation practices: compassion meditations developed to suit those with chronic and painful conditions
  • Breathworks System of Mindful Movement
  • Guidance on how to teach meditation specifically for people with pain or illness
  • Using the breath to help soften reactions to pain and to reduce the tension and stress that often accompanies it.
  • There will also be presentation of the qualitative and quantitative data of Breathworks programme benefits.

This event counts as a pre-requisite for Breathworks Teacher Training.

For more information contact Fidelma at info@breathworks.ie, or 087 683 4717.