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Mindful Coaching

On-line: Sessions are conducted using Zoom, an on-line facility for classes, meetings and webinars. 

In person - due to the Covid 19 crisis, there are currently no face-to-face mindfulness sessions, except in Baltinglaass, Co. Wicklow, by arrangement.

What is Coaching?
Coaching is a process where the coach helps you to explore and discover more about yourself, your vision for your life and/or work and how to achieve it. Coaching helps you to see more clearly:
  • *what in your life makes you feel happy and fulfilled
  • *how you can bring about changes to be happier, more fulfilled and more effective
    • *your habits and patterns of behaviour and thinking, distinguishing between which are helpful and which are unhelpful
  • *what are your deeply held values and how to align your life more closely to them

The coach's role is to create and hold a safe, confidential and yet open space to allow you to speak freely, to truly be yourself and to feel ok to take risks if you wish to. The coaching I practice is person-centred, which means that I believe that you already have the wisdom and resources you need - my job is to help you to connect with that inner wisdom and to develop and channel your resources to move towards your vision.

Who is Coaching for?
Coaching is beneficial for anybody who wants to grow and develop. It is, however, particularly helpful if you:
  • feel a bit stuck in your life/work
  • want to achieve a better work/life balance 
  • are considering making changes to your life
  • have a goal but are struggling to motivate yourself to work towards achieving it
  • feel as though there's more to life than what you're currently experiencing

Is Coaching the same as therapy?
Although there are some overlaps, coaching is not the same as therapy. Whereas therapy/counselling focuses on healing past events that continue to impact on the present, coaching is more present and future-focused.

What is Mindful Coaching?
Mindfulness brings you awareness of how you are in this moment. Coaching helps you to identify how and where you'd like to be in the future. Mindful Coaching is a powerful combination that allows you to fulfill your true potential and live a more meaningful and satisfying life. 
As an experienced mindfulness teacher and practitioner, I bring the qualities of presence, kindness and awareness to how I coach. Both coaching and mindfulness have huge potential for developing your inner resources and resilience, and helping to see with greater clarity. I may introduce mindfulness techniques and practices into the coaching sessions, but only if you, the client, feel that they would be helpful to you.

How long are the sessions?
Sessions are typically about an hour long and take place once a fortnight or once a week, with you often doing some exercises or explorations or tasks between sessions. The number of sessions varies, often being agreed in advance, although you always have the option of ending the process whenever you like.

 How do I book a session?
 To see if coaching is for you, then call 087 683 4717 or e-mail me at info@breathworks.ie to arrange a free consultation.

Where do they take place?
 In person: Baltinglass, Co. Wicklow. 

 On-line: by Zoom.