Mindful Eating Workshops

Would you like to develop a healthier relationship to food and eating?

This workshop will explore the relationship we have to food and to eating, by bringing a mindful awareness to how and why we eat. Rather than focusing on what we eat, the workshop will introduce a different, mindful approach, where we learn to listen to our bodies and hearts and respond to them in a nourishing way.

Who is it for?

•    Those wishing to explore their relationship to food and their eating behaviour
•    Anyone who wishes to develop healthier eating behaviour

•    Anyone wishing to expand and deepen their mindfulness practice

Please note: The workshop may not be suitable for anyone with an active eating disorder. Please contact Fidelma on 087 6834717 if you’d like to attend the workshop but are not sure if it’s suitable for you. The workshop will include eating exercises.

There are no workshops coming up over the next while, but please contact Fidelma if you're interested in doing a workshop in your organisation, or with a group, or on a one-to-one basis.

No previous experience of mindfulness or meditation is necessary.