About Breathworks Ireland

Breathworks Ireland is the Irish branch of Breathworks CIC. Fidelma Farley and Aksobhin Tracy established Breathworks Ireland to bring Breathworks Mindfulness-based courses to Ireland.

Fidelma Farley PhotoFidelma Farley (MA, PhD) worked as a lecturer for fifteen years before undertaking training with Breathworks and with the Centre for Mindfulness Research and Practice at the University of Bangor to become a Mindfulness Trainer. She has led mindfulness-based courses for MS Ireland, for community groups, for carers and for people experiencing pain, illness or stress. More recently, she has co-developed courses on Mindful Eating and for people recovering from drug addiction. Her courses and workshops place a particular emphasis on kindness to oneself and others, and on creating a warm, friendly and supportive atmosphere.

Aksobhin Tracy
Aksobhin Tracy
 (MSc) is a qualified Breathworks trainer and experienced meditation practitioner and teacher. A someone with a long personal encounter with serious illness, chronic pain and fatigue, and as a practising Buddhist, he brings a distinct set of qualities to his teaching. Since 2001 he has developed and run Mindfulness-based courses for people with MS for MS Ireland in its South East and East Coast regions, and courses for people recovering from depression for Fresh Start. He also teaches meditation and Buddhism at the Dublin Buddhist Centre.

Eileen McCarney
Eileen McCarney 
(RGN, RM, ADHP) is a qualified Breathworks trainer and an experienced Psychotherapist and Hypnotherapist. A qualified nurse and midwife with almost 30 years experience between nursing, complimentary healthcare and community based education, Eileen also has training and experience in Reiki-Seichem Healing and self-awareness skills, she is also a practitioner of Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). Having had personal experience from being diagnosed with arthritis and fibromyalgia (a condition which can cause severe physical pain) Eileen has intimate knowledge and understanding of what it is to live with chronic pain and illness. She continues however to firmly believe that the way forward in the management of our health issues is in the combination of mainstream medicine and complimentary therapeutic techniques.

Anne Nolan For the past seven years, Anne has worked in a Cancer Support Centre, offering Stress Management Courses, leading Relaxation and Visualisation sessions and more recently Mindfulness Courses. Over the years working in the Cancer Support centre, Anne has seen first-hand how mainstream medical care and complimentary health care work hand-in-hand caring for the whole person, not just treating the illness or the physical symptoms. Feedback from those with cancer and from their families confirms this and most people report experiencing greater peace of mind following completion of one of Anne’s courses. She firmly believes that the capacity for growth and change lies within each one of us and in Anne’s work she helps people re-connect with their inner resources. Anne’s approach is always gentle, caring and patient and these qualities are reflected in her workshops and courses.